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This page covers complete information of VTU and VTU colleges, VTU affiliated colleges, etc.

VTU stands for Visveswaraya Technological University and this university very popular university in Karnataka. The VTU alone has around 200+ colleges affiliated with it.

What is VTU?

VTU stands for Visveswaraya Technological University which is an engineering degree course providing a university.

Under the VTU there is a division of called of colleges. They are

  1. VTU colleges

2. Autonomous Colleges 

What are the VTU Colleges?

VTU Colleges are those which come under or are affiliated with Visveswaraya Technological University. VTU has established on 1 April 1998. Now VTU successfully completed almost 20+ years in providing education to Engineering and Technical degree courses.

This university will set timetables, rules, and regulations, fees structure, etc. And the colleges which come under VTU or are affiliated with VTU have to follow the guidelines provided by the VTU. From the point of setting up exam papers to evaluation, everything will be guided and done by VTU.

Divison of colleges based on funding

a)Private aided VTU colleges

b)Government aided VTU colleges

c)Private Unaided VTU colleges

a)Private aided VTU colleges

These colleges are privately  owned and funding will be done by the Government

Ex:-Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Banglore

b)Government aided VTU colleges

These colleges are owned by Government and funding are also done by the Government

Ex:-Government Engineering College, Hassan

c)Private Unaided VTU colleges

Private Un-aided colleges are privately owned and funded by the government.

Ex:-Adichunchangiri Institute of Technology, Chikmagalur

How to join VTU Colleges?

You can join the VTU either through cracking mainly CET, COMEDK exams or If you have well enough money then you can join directly any college you want by paying lakhs of money.

The notable point is that there will be different fees structure for different colleges.

Most popular colleges will charge more fees and less popular colleges also charge but less

compared to popular ones. 

Advantages of Joining with VTU Colleges?

*You are like a free bird with no restriction.

*you can enter college at any time. There is no 9 am to 4 pm.

*No need to worry about attendance.

* There are no strict policies in the VTU colleges

* There will less penalty if you create any damages to college compared to autonomous colleges.

*You can pass the sem exams if even though your internal marks are less.

Disadvantages of Joining with VTU Colleges?

*Your percentage or what we call CGPA will be lesser when compared to autonomous colleges students

*You are not able to plan the entire year of study because the VTU keeps on changing their timetable which is of course not good.

*You don’t expect or prejudge your marks before your results or after writing the exams sometimes the corrections will be made very horrible which don’t expect.

*You will not get one extra chance of rewriting the exam which you have failed where it will be given in autonomous colleges as they call it as summer exams.

Why autonomous colleges came?

Yeah, there is an interesting story behind this…….

Let me tell it once a well-known company visited Delhi for hiring a student and when they started the interview and noticed that only 20%-30% of the students are employable.

They finally conducted the survey to know the reason behind this and noticed that there is a huge gap in the syllabus thought by the University and which was in practice in Industry.

This survey made the rolling up of autonomous colleges where they are started setting up their own syllabus copy, question papers, etc. 

What are the Autonomous Colleges?

Autonomous colleges are those colleges that have their own rules and regulations in regards to the fee structure, question paper preparation, etc. 

In the case of Autonomous Colleges, some are affiliated with VTU but follow their own rules and regulation. 

The question papers are prepared from the same college and evaluation will be done by the same lecture who thought the subject to you, in the evaluation method of answer sheets there are mainly two evaluators one is internal and the other is external.

The internal evaluator is that person who thought the subject to you and the external is the different person who is unknown to you. 

Advantages of Joining with Autonomous Colleges

*You can easily pass the exam because the question paper is prepared and evaluated by the same college itself.

*You can crack the competitive exams because autonomous colleges mainly focus on that and it will be a little hard for VTU students.

*You can easily guess what kind of question paper you are going to get.

*You can plan the whole year because once the timetable is made it cannot be changed throughout the year.

*Academic will be more practical when compared to Vtu colleges.

Disadvantages of Joining with Autonomous Colleges

*Your Lecture is like your boss👀.

*You need to follow the strict policies of the college.

*You will find more if any damages are done by you.

*If your behavior is bad with a lecture there are chances of getting fewer marks.

*Sometimes your lecture behaves like your father in case of his orders.

*You need to attend extra classes if your lecture is planned.

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