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Program 1

a] Write a LEX program to recognize valid arithmetic expressions. Identifiers in the expression could be only
integers and operators could be + and *. Count the identifiers & operators present and print them separately.

b] Write YACC program to evaluate arithmetic expression involving operators: +, -, *, and /.


Program 2:- Develop, Implement and execute a program using the YACC tool to recognize all strings ending with b preceded by n a’s using the grammar a b (note: input n value).


Program 4:- Design, develop and implement YACC/C program to demonstrate Shift Reduce Parsing technique for the grammar rules: ®E+T | T, T ®T*F | F, F ®(E) | id and parse the sentence: id + id * id.


Program 5:- Design, develop and implement a C/Java program to generate the machine code  using Triples for the statement A = -B * (C +D) whose intermediate code in three- address form:

T1 = -B

T2 = C + D

T3 = T1 + T2

A = T3


Program 7:- Design, develop and implement a C/C++/Java program to simulate the working of Shortest remaining time and Round Robin (RR) scheduling algorithms. Experiment with different quantum sizes for RR algorithm.


Program 8:- Design, develop and implement a C/C++/Java program to implement Banker’s algorithm. Assume suitable input required to demonstrate the results.


Program 10

a] Design, develop, and implement a C/C++/Java program to simulate a numerical calculator.

b] Design, develop and implement a C/C++/Java program to simulate page replacement technique.


Program 11:- Program to recognize whether a given sentence is simple or compound.


Program 12:- Write a C++ program to emulate the Unix ln command


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