This page includes all the C programming lab programs code, algorithm, output, VTU Viva Questions.

All these programs are according to the VTU 2018 scheme. Copy the code and test all the c programs. Click Here to Download C Programming Lab Manual.

Sr.NoLab Program DescriptionDetails
1Familiarization with programming environment, the concept of naming the program files, storing, compilation, execution, and debugging. Taking any simple C- codeCheckout
2Develop a Program to solve simple computational problems using arithmetic expressions and use of each operator leading to the simulation of a Commercial calculatorCheckout
3Develop a program to compute the roots of a quadratic equation by accepting the coefficients. Print the appropriate messagesCheckout
4Develop a program to find the reverse of a positive integer and check for PALINDROME or NOT. Display appropriate messagesCheckout
5An electricity board charges the following rates for the use of electricity: for the first 200 units 80 paise per unit: for the next 100 units 90 paise per unit: beyond 300 units rupees 1 per unit. All users are charged a minimum of rupees 100 as a meter charge. If the total amount is more than Rs 400, then an additional surcharge of 15% of the total amount is charged. Write a program to read the name of the user, the number of units consumed, and print out the chargesCheckout
6Introduce 1D Array manipulation and implement binary searchCheckout
7Implement using functions to check whether the given number is prime and display appropriate messagesCheckout
8Develop a program to introduce 2D array manipulation and implement matrix multiplication and ensure the rules of multiplication are checkedCheckout
9Develop a Program to compute Sin(x) using Taylor series approximation. Compare your result with the built-in Library function. Print both the results with appropriate messagesCheckout
10Write functions to implement string operations such as compare, concatenate, string length. Convince the parameter passing techniquesCheckout
11Develop a program to sort the given set of N numbers using Bubble sortCheckout
12Develop a program to find the square root of a given number N and execute for all possible inputs with appropriate messagesCheckout
13Implement structures to read, write, compute average- marks and the students scoring above and below the average marks for a class of N studentsCheckout
14Develop a program using pointers to compute the sum, mean and standard deviation of all elements stored in an array of n real numbersCheckout
15Write a Program to Convert a Binary Number into a Decimal NumberCheckout

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