Which is better: VTU or autonomous???

VTU or autonomous???

When entering into the engineering colleges of Karnataka this question will become common to everyone.

I think you may be either a student of VTU or Autonomous who wants to know the main difference between VTU and Autonomous colleges.

In this blog post, you going to be clear out which is a good one and which is bad before going out of this page. Ok, Let’ start our session here the below are some of the lists where it will help you to clarify yourself about this doubt.

The list is here

  • You can get the higher package in placements if you are good in academics and also studied in Autonomous colleges, but not the same case in VTU colleges.
  • You can crack all kinds of competitive exams if you studied in Autonomous colleges but for VTU students it will be a bit harder to crack competitive exams.
  • Fees will be a bit higher in Autonomous colleges when compared to VTU colleges.
  • Autonomous college’s outlook will be very good when compared to VTU colleges.
  • Autonomous colleges mainly focus on practical skills but not the same thing that we can see in the VTU colleges.
  • You can enter college at any time in VTU colleges but not the same thing that you can do in Autonomous colleges.
  • You have to maintain strict policies of Autonomous colleges but not in VTU colleges you are like a free bird.
  • You can plan the whole year in regards to study points in Autonomous colleges but not in VTU colleges because VTU keeps on changing its timetable.
  • You can maintain a good CGPA if you are in the Autonomous colleges compared to VTU colleges.
  • You can pass all exams easily in Autonomous but not in VTU. Even though you wrote exams properly sometimes they make the corrections very horribly.
  • My opinion regarding this is Autonomous colleges are the best colleges when compared to VTU colleges

I hope you understood the main differences between VTU and  Autonomous colleges and also the better ones.

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