What is the difference between VTU and Scheme?


Whatever I heard and know about VTU, basically they launch these schemes to differentiate the students that are passing-in and passing-out of VTU students from colleges. These schemes also help them to update the syllabus for a particular year.

For example:

1.If a CS student joined the VTU university in the year 2015-16 then VTU assign the USN(University Seat Number) number to him as ***15CS***

2. If a CS student joined the VTU university in the year 2018-19 then VTU assign the USN number to him as ***18CS***

I think now know a little idea about the VTU scheme. 


VTU university launches these schemes just because to easy to identify students of a particular batch. 

For Example:-If a particular student has a backlog in 2015 if he didn’t clear it then later he wants to clear it in 2020. So now there comes a problem because they have to identify the student what batch and year he joined in according to that they will prepare a question paper to him of 2015 schemes.

So My final Conclusion is that you can download and read the notes from 2015-16 even though you are in 2020, which are available on our website. And also you should depend mostly on what your college gives the notes to you. Not on any other website notes.


  1. Can I refer to the 2015-16 scheme notes for the 2018-19 scheme?

–>Yeah, you can refer because there will be no change in the syllabus of both schemes.

2. Can I pass the VTU exams by using these notes?

–>There will be -no doubt in that because most of these notes are prepared by the RNSIT professors where RNSIT also comes under VTU.

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