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Here you can download the 2018 SCHEME VTU Notes pdf.

We also given given subject code and subject credits infront of the subjects.

Currently, we have given VTU notes 2018 scheme of CSE, ISE, ECE, EEE, MECHANICAL, CIVIL ENGINEERING, and 1st-semester and 2nd semester VTU Notes which are common to all VTU engineering branches.

Want to Checkout 2018 Scheme VTU Syllabus Copy UG than Click Here.

Want to Checkout 2018 Scheme VTU Syllabus Copy PG than
Click Here.

Download GATE Previous year Question Papers

CSE VTU Notes: Download

CSE VTU Syllabus Copy: Checkout

GATE CSE – Checkout

ISE VTU Notes: Download

ISE VTU Syllabus Copy: Checkout

GATE ISE: Checkout

ECE VTU Notes: Download

ECE VTU Syllabus Copy: Checkout

GATE EEE : Checkout

EEE VTU Notes: Download

EEE VTU Syllabus Copy: Checkout

GATE EEE: Checkout

Civil VTU Notes: Download

Civil VTU Syllabus Copy: Checkout

GATE Civil: Checkout

Mechanical VTU Notes: Download

Mechanical VTU Syllabus Copy: Checkout

GATE Mechanical: Checkout

1st and 2nd semesters will be common to all the VTU Engineering Branches.

VTU Notes: Download

1st and 2nd Sem VTU Syllabus Copy: Checkout

C-Programming Lab Programs: Checkout

Note: Technical English VTU Notes direct link will be given in the 1st and 2nd sem VTU Notes.
You can download it from there.
Environmental Study Notes: Download
Environmental Study Q&P 2021:Download

VTU complete study materials which include 2018 scheme VTU Question papers, VTU Notes, VTU syllabus Copy, 2015 Scheme VTU Question papers, VTU notes, and GATE question papers.


1.Can I Pass using this VTU Notes.

Yes, you can pass by referring to these notes, if you study well. Basically, most of these notes are prepared by RNSIT lectures and VTU notes by Sri for the CSE branch.


Choice Based Credit System(CBCS).

3.What is good CGPA in VTU

More than 6 CGPA or 60%-Because most of the companies during the placement time ask for the minimum CGPA.

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