Download Visvesvaraya Technological University(VTU) Notes, VTU Adalita Kannada, and Vyavaharika Kannada VTU Notes and you can also download the 2018 Scheme VTU Notes and VTU Syllabus Copy. Before going out of this page you will easily download ADALITA AND VYAVAHARIKA Kannada VTU Notes.

Basically, these subjects are given as elective subjects for the students.

You can download VTU Samskruthika Kannada notes pdf.

For B.E/B.Tech/B.Plan these subjects are given in 3rd and 4th semester with the subject code as 18KAN39/49

For B.ARCH students these subjects are given in the 2nd semester with the subject code as 18KAN28

Who Can Take Adalita(Samskrutika) Kannada

  • He/She should study in Kannada medium school from 1st standard to 10th standard.
  • He/She should have taken Kannada as their first or second language subject.
  • The student whoever knows how to write and read in Kannada or might have studied Kannada in their high school.
  • Students who might have got a diploma or other certificate in Kannada subjects from a renowned university.
  • He/She Passed Kava, Jana, or Rathna examinations conducted by Kannada Sahitya Parishat.
  • The students who have taken the exam are equivalent to the Karnataka SSLC board exam. This is applicable for those students who have not been studied but wrote the exams in Kannada or Students who have studied Kannada as their second or the first language or recently studied as a new subject.

Download Adalita Kannada VTU notes

Adalita Kannada VTU Notes:-

Samskrutika Kannada VTU Text Book:-This is according to the new Syllabus Copy.

Check out the 2018 scheme syllabus Copy, we add 31 VTU Engineering branches Syllabus Copy.

Who Can Take Vyavaharika(Baleke) Kannada

The students who have not been taken Kannada in their high school also for those students who don’t know Kannada how to write, read, talk, understand.

Download Vyavaharika Kannada VTU notes

Vyavaharika Kannada VTU Text book:

Blake Kannada VTU Textbook: This is according to New Syllabus Copy

Check out the 2018 scheme syllabus Copy, we add 31 VTU Engineering branches Syllabus Copy.


The registration to the course shall be decided by the Principal based on the documentary which has been received from the students while filling a pro forma for the registration of the course Vyavaharika Kannada and Adalita Kannada including the documents submitted during admission to B.E.,/B.Tech.,/B.Arch.,/B.Plan.

The Principals of Affiliated Engineering Colleges are requested for strict adherence to the above and to bring the contents of this circular to the notice of all the concerned.


  1. Who prepared Samskrutika Kannada VTU Notes
    ->We have taken those notes from University Website, they are prepared by VTU.

2. For whom was Samskrutika Kannada made for?
->For Kannada people.

3. Are Samskrutika Kannada and Adalita Kannada the same?

4. Are Vyavaharika Kannada and Balike Kannada the same?

5. Who can take Vyavaharika Kannada?
->Students who don’t know Kannada.

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