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Data Structure VTU LAB PROGRAM -05

  • Design, Develop and Implement a Program in C for the following Stack Applications
    1. Evaluation of Suffix expression with single-digit operands and operators:+, -, *, /, %, ^
    2. Solving Tower of Hanoi problem with n disks

Program 5.a [suffix.c]


float compute(char symbol, float op1, float op2)
 switch (symbol)
  case '+': return op1 + op2;
  case '-': return op1 - op2;
  case '*': return op1 * op2;
  case '/': return op1 / op2;
  case '$':
  case '^': return pow(op1,op2);
  default : return 0;

void main()
float s[20], res, op1, op2;
int top, i;
char postfix[20], symbol;
printf("\nEnter the postfix expression:\n");
scanf ("%s", postfix);
for (i=0; i<strlen(postfix) ;i++)
symbol = postfix[i];
 s[++top]=symbol - '0';
 op2 = s[top--];
 op1 = s[top--];
 res = compute(symbol, op1, op2);
 s[++top] = res;
res = s[top--];
printf("\nThe result is : %f\n", res);


Program 5.b [towerofhonai.c]

void tower(int n, int source, int temp, int destination);

void tower(int n, int source, int temp, int destination)
if(n == 0)
tower(n-1, source, destination, temp);
printf("\nMove disc %d from %c to %c", n, source, destination);
tower(n-1, temp, source, destination);

void main ()
int n;
printf("\nEnter the number of discs: \n\n");
scanf("%d", &n);
printf("\nThe sequence of moves involved in the Tower of Hanoi are\n");
tower(n, 'A', 'B', 'C');
printf("\n\nTotal Number of moves are: %d\n", (int)pow(2,n)-1);


Data Structure – How to Run this Program

  • Step-1: Copy the above code
  • Step-2: Paste it in any C compiler [Codeblocks/Dev C++/ VsCode etc]
  • Step-3: Save the file name with .C extension
  • Step-4: Compile the program
  • Step-5: Run the program
  • Step-6: Program Execution Successful

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