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GATE is a yearly entry exam for admittance to several graduate scientific and technological programs in India. It comprises of 65 questions worth of 100 marks to be attempted within 3 hours of period.

In this post, the Top 11 internet sites or online teaching organizations to prepare and crack the GATE smoothly are pointed-out.

1] BYJU’s

  • With over 1000+ trusted learners, BYJU’s is among the top-most providers of the GATE materials and the respective videos online.
  • You can enroll in the course that is offered to the learners by BYJUs and get up-to par with all the minute detailing of GATE entrance ranging from its centers, dates, fees, and so on.
  • Online assistance with 24×7 period is unique feature of BYJUs.


  • NPTEL is a collaboration between the IITs with IISc. The National Program on Technology Enhanced Learn is the full phrase for NPTEL. 
  • The Education ministry, Govt of India, is sponsoring them.
  • This is a gigantic website that offers online free professional certifications.
  • It offers live instructor support and development, and also video explanations for GATE topics and difficulties.

3] Gate Video

  • Being the gigantic online free resource with around 1 million+ visitors per day, YouTube is among the most lovable platform to self-prepare GATE.
  • You can freely access any video with the sample questionnaire, answers, core concerns, and so on anywhere residing at any period.

4] Gate Academy

  • Gate Academy is a renowned GATE preparatory institution. Among the first instructional institutes in India to make extensive usage of power to allow elevated GATE tutoring to our learners both onsite or off.
  • This institute was formed with the intention of aiding prospective professionals in identifying, achieving, and surpassing their cognitive capabilities.

5] Legit GATE site

  • This is the official web-page of GATE examination which offers all the information related to this examination in depth for all the pre-preparations to score and shine on in the GATE assessment.
  • For all examination categories, applicants can acquire the GATE curriculum as well as the previous year’s subject wise.
  • GATE Mock documents for all 23 fields were also published on the main site on in the year.

6] Bookzz

  • There are plenty trade paperbacks accessible in the marketplace that GATE applicants can employ for their training.
  • Nevertheless, aspirants will not be able to afford to buy all of the publications, and not all of the texts are offered at public libraries.
  • This is an excellent online resource of e-books that applicants can download. It has a 2.5+ million books library in its system.

7] Exergic

  • The platform’s principal mission is to support GATE hopefuls with course materials.
  • They offers video instruction, Study Resource Training, Questions, Practice Tests, and Refresh Coursework, among other items.

8] Gate Forum

  • There will be over 400 hours of live virtual classrooms encompassing the comprehensive GATE program.
  • Students are allowed to view skipped events underneath the “Video on Request” area, and they’ll be willing to communicate with instructors to clear up any misconceptions they may get during broadcast class.
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9] Brain-storm achievers

  • Learners are exposed to GATE Streaming sessions on a routine basis.
  • Monthly and weekly assessments are designed to monitor the activities of the children and advise them correspondingly.
  • Practice tests, unit exams, answered assessment tasks, and more deliver adequate test preparation.

10] Gateflix

  • Live engagement with IIT alumni or professional lecturers is accessible.
  • Learners residing in isolated environments with limited amenities can take classes taught by renowned professionals.
  • It aids in the reduction of crucial journey time.
  • You can browse previous meetings whenever you want.

11] Made-easy

  • Examination experience is identical to that of the GATE assessment.
  • Learners can employ the precise solutions as a resource.
  • Users can ask the professionals anything if they have any concerns.
  • The overall score in the examination, and the exact series of questions attempted, are all displayed.

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